About Carrie Torn, LCSW

trauma therapist charlotte, nc

Hi there, I’m Carrie

Picture of Carrie Torn, therapist specializing in the Enneagram and EMDR, standing outside.

I specialize in helping millennial women heal from trauma, self-doubt and anxiety to live fuller lives. 

I’m an anxiety and trauma therapist in Charlotte NC and offer virtual therapy for all of North Carolina & Texas.

I have always been drawn to holding space and helping others and it felt natural to follow the path to become a therapist.

I strive to create a space for people to feel seen, heard and understood on a deep level, with the opportunity and safety to explore their inner worlds.

My own journey has taken many forms over the years – from travel and wanderlust to formal meditation, retreats, psychotherapy training and yoga – all of which have led me to deepen my passion for guiding others.

Through my life experiences as well as professional training, I have continually come back to the importance of the mind-body connection and integrating a holistic approach. I’m passionate about teaching others to reconnect to themselves and their own inner wisdom.

I create offerings that encourage growth, self-discovery and healing through the practices of talk-therapy, EMDR, self-compassion work, mindfulness, the Enneagram and yoga.
It is my deepest belief that we all have the capacity for healing, growth and to live a meaningful life.

I’m bilingual in Spanish after living and working in Central and South America and I love speaking Spanglish with clients!  My current obsessions are thrifting,  practicing yoga, and playing outdoors with my two dogs. 

ABOUT CARRIE Torn, therapist 

Training + Education

Carrie is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and received her Master’s of Science in Social Work from The University of Texas at Austin.  As a North Carolina native, Carrie is happy to be back in her home state.

Carrie completed her undergraduate degree at UNC-Chapel Hill and subsequently spent a year doing community development work in Central America. Carrie then worked in New York City as a case manager for those with HIV/AIDS prior to earning her Masters of Science in Social Work. She subsequently worked for 3 years as a mental health therapist in an integrated behavioral health clinic.

In 2019, Carrie began working in private practice in Charlotte, NC focused on working with sensitive and ambitious adult women experiencing burnout, anxiety, depression and trauma.

Carrie offers practical guidance to her clients by providing support and insights that help them to solve problems and achieve positive change. 

Carrie is a Certified Enneagram Approach Practitioner and uses the Enneagram as a unique tool in providing clients a paradigm for personal growth and lasting change.

Carrie specializes as a trauma therapist in Charlotte, NC. She is an EMDR trained therapist with advanced training in EMDR Therapy Protocols For Early Care and Ongoing Traumatic Stress.  Carrie has also completed training in Internal Family Systems, an IFS Level One training with the IFS Institute

In addition, Carrie is a 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) and has completed additional training on trauma-informed yoga and yoga in talk therapy.