Therapy for ambitious & sensitive millennial women

Carrie Torn, LCSW

Therapy for millennial women

Picture of Carrie Torn, LCSW therapist office in Charlotte, NC

Through an approach that integrates mind, body, and emotions, I specialize in helping high achieving and sensitive millennial women to break the cycle of depression, anxiety, burnout, and address work-life imbalances.

Together, we will create space for you to get in touch with yourself and your needs. In working with me, people find themselves having the confidence to make decisions that align with their values and lead to the desired change.

Start trusting yourself and feel how worthy you are.

I specialize in working with women, as I believe women have unique struggles in relation to the way we are conditioned to be givers, to show up perfectly and the myth that we must do it all.  I often work with women struggling with self-doubt & imposter syndrome in both life or business.  

I collaborate with high achievers to go from overwhelmed, burned out and depressed to grounded, confident and in alignment with themselves and their decisions.

Therapy for women

We focus on:

  • Creating Self-compassion & Self-acceptance
  • Tackling Perfectionism & the Inner Critic
  • Boundary Work
  • Breaking the Burnout Cycle
  • EMDR Therapy for Trauma & PTSD

Doing “the work” is not fixing yourself.
It’s showing up for yourself.
Discovering new parts of yourself.
And loving all the parts of yourself, even the “messy” ones.

–Carrie Torn, LCSW


You’ll leave sessions integrating:

  • Emotional resilience – learn to trust yourself and that you can handle whatever life throws your way

  • How to say no and let go of people pleasing

  • Heal from past trauma & live in the present


  •  Learn how to be present and mindful in everyday life

  • How to treat yourself with compassion (even when you mess up)

  • Lower levels of anxiety and depression


  • Learn to stop ignoring your pain and pretending like everything is okay 

  • Ability to cope with difficult emotions with greater ease

  • Motivate yourself with kindness instead of harsh criticism

  • Tune into your own inner wisdom to make decisions aligned with your values